New Product: Christmas Busy Box Set

by Brenda

Just in time for the busy Holiday season, we are offering a Christmas box full of Christmas activities to help keep your Kidlet occupied while you wrap presents, bake cookies, clean the house for company, pack clothes to go on that road trip, and of course let us not forget the driving part of the trip.

The Christmas Busy Box will provide your child with activities that promote learning while you are able to accomplish tasks on that long list. The activities will also help keep your Kidlet off Santa’s naughty list when they are most full of energy and anxiety. Ha ha.

Included in the Christmas Busy Box are the following activities:

Foam Tree Decorating Game: Your Kidlet will roll a colored dice to determine which color pom pom to put on their tree for decoration.

Button Felt Christmas Tree: With this activity your Kidlet can practice buttoning and unbuttoning the ornaments onto the tree while also matching colors.

Pipe Cleaner Threading: Thread jingle bells and beads onto a pipe cleaner.

Snowflake Sorting: Your Kidlet can sort snowflakes by size (big/little) and color (blue/white)

Build a Felt Snowman: This activity comes will all of the pieces to build a felt snowman without having to brave freezing temperatures.

Nesting Cylinders: Your Kidlet will open two different cylinders to discover what is hidden inside.

Lacing Hat and Stocking: Practice lacing on a stocking and a hat.

Popsicle Puzzle: Santa Clause, Penguin and a Snowman puzzle will help keep your Kidlet occupied.

Matching/Memory: Match various Christmas themed cards or play a game of memory.

Clothespin Rudolph: Your Kidlet can decide how many clothespin antlers to clip on Rudolph by rolling a dice.


The Christmas box is no longer available.